Each year, top luxury hotels, spas and restaurant brands vie for recognition at the annual Haute Grandeur Global Awards which celebrates the most magnificent standards distinction across various hospitality industries.

This year GOCO Hospitality is proud to announce that both our GOCO Spas, GOCO Spa Ajman and GOCO Spa Daios Cove have both been awarded numerous Excellence Awards, of which we are very proud.

GOCO Spa Ajman won three Excellence Awards for:

  • Best Luxury Spa in Middle East
  • Best Resort Spa in United Arab Emirates
  • Best Spa Design in United Arab Emirates

GOCO Spa Daios Cove also won three Excellence Awards for:

  • Best Hideaway Spa in Greece
  • Best Spa Manager in Greece
  • Best Wellness Clinic in Greece

“To win a Haute Grandeur Excellence Award, an establishment must excel on all levels,” said Haute Grandeur Global Awards Founder and President, Marinique de Wet. “Haute Grandeur Global Awards are recognised as a guaranteed golden stamp of excellence, with associated establishments perceived as the benchmark in the industry. By awarding only the most remarkable, Haute Grandeur Global Awards inspire already exceptional hotels, spas and restaurants to achieve even greater heights. The 2020 season’s winners have truly attained the ultimate in excellence, recognized with the highest accolade.”

For more information about the 2020 Haute Grandeur Global Awards or to browse this year’s winners, visit www.hautegrandeur.com.



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