For the spa & wellness Concept Development phase, our skilled team creates a tailored concept for your wellness project that communicates the guest experience, service platform, attitude, and personality of the project, as well as the technical considerations required for operational functionality.

In this comprehensive Concept Development document, we provide all key information pertaining to regional marketing analysis, to positioning, unique selling points, the wellness service platform and related offering, as well as an adjacency and area program to ensure that our clients have all the necessary information to create a successful spa or wellness project that is catering to the target markets’ needs.

Scope includes:

  1. Overview of the Regional Spa and Wellness Market
  2. Positioning Strategy and Target Market
  3. Description of the Guest Journey
  4. Unique Selling Points
  5. Service Platform
  6. Initial Look & Feel Recommendations
  7. Initial Treatment Menu Recommendations
  8. Architecture Programme Planning & Adjacency Diagram

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