12 March 2020

Social media plays a big part in marketing for any business, wellness or otherwise. Whether it’s luxurious offerings being touted for Instagram likes, or the latest trends discussed on Facebook and LinkedIn through clever social media strategies, it can be the best platform to connect with potential guests and clients.

Wellness is holistic, and so is social media. And despite a growing desire to detox from social media, it still remains the most accessible platform for fun and informal discussions about wellness and a great place for people to share new experiences. As a wellness business, there are several techniques that you can follow to tighten and grow your following and land you more clients. 

1. Build a community

Wellness is infectious, and when people see their friends or influencers improving their wellbeing, they tend to want to do the same thing. Social media creates communities of like-minded people, and although echo chambers can be seen as negative spaces when it comes to promoting a niche topic that is positive in nature, it can become very engaging. Building a wellness community on social media is easy, the more active you become, the more engaged your community becomes. 

2. Get visual

Visuals are a strong and appealing element to wellness. People into wellness like to see the benefits, and share their experiences that then inspire others to do the same. It’s all part of the social community. Platforms like Instagram are perfect to showcase the transformations you have made, and according to American Spa Magazine, texture-changing spa products and treatments like fizz, foam and rubber get much more attention than actual functionality.

3. Share your wins

Social media posts can be short-lived, but that shouldn’t dissuade businesses from posting their wins and celebrating their successes with their clients and followers. If a potential client or guest sees you help people achieve the same goals they have, they’ll be more confident to share, and then invest, in your products and services. Featuring clients also helps to establish you as a more genuine business, with tangible results that prove your worth. 

4. State the facts

When it comes to wellness, whether you’re a consultancy like us (click here to see what we can do for your spa or wellness retreat) or a hotel spa, clients and guests are keen to understand your offerings and to be guided away from false claims and bogus therapies. Information about new products and experiences can spread like wildfire with the right followers, and celebrities and influencers do a lot to help disseminate these. By curating a regular stream of factual news that is supported by trendsetters and both backs up the services you provide helps to entrench your business as a trustworthy source of wellness information both digitally and physically.

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