30 April 2020

According to the Global Wellness Institute, there are 150,000 spas worldwide earning over $93.6 Billion in revenue in 2018. Now in 2020, this number and the amount of revenue generated by spas will have increased even further. As consumers become more conscious of personal wellness, spas will continue to integrate with everyday life, and even COVID-19 is not expected to stop that.

When starting a spa, however, many details need to be checked off to ensure a smooth and successful opening and steady future business. With so many spas out there, targeting the ideal customers and offering them what they want is crucial. Here are our top checklist items for any upcoming spa owner, big or small.

Marketing Is Key

Building a good marketing strategy needs to begin well before the spa even opens. Some develop a strategy before the spa is even built. Building a sense of excitement and intrigue around a spa helps draw people in and creates a familiarity that in turn, instils trust in the services you offer and the professionalism you aim to provide.

Design Perfectly

A significant part of any spa experience is the spa journey. Ensure that your construction and design plans create the best spa flow possible for your guests – from arrival to treatment rooms to heat and water facilities. Ensure staff and guests cross paths as little as possible to not distract from the serene environment you’re trying to create. The materials you use are also highly important. Natural woods and stone help add a sense of nature and luxury, while plastic and faux fittings can break the spell. 

GOCO Hospitality’s design team are experts at this, so save yourself the hassle by contacting us today.  

All Boxes Ticked?

We’re not talking about personal goals here, this is all about rules and regulation. Ensure all permits and licenses are approved, up-to-date, and displayed for customers to see. Safety check equipment and double-check all facilities are working in perfect order. Administrative responsibilities may involve a lot of paperwork and even more time depending on where the spa is located, but having everything in order ensures a smooth transition from pre-launch to regular business. 

In addition to this, check everything in-shop is working, such as sound systems, POS systems, heating and spa equipment, inventory management systems and emergency backups like generators and lighting. 

Align Your Targets

As with any business, a good financial plan needs to be in place if you are ever going to push a profit from all this hard work. Many independent spas use a business loan to get going, so ensuring a good return of profit helps maintain payments and build a credit rating. 

Whoever your target guest, it’s guaranteed that they’re looking to your spa to relieve stress and rejuvenate. With a constant demand for better wellbeing, spas can be recession-proof if the ‘luxury’ of wellness is defined as a ‘necessity’. If you can check off these main checklist items, you’ll be well on your way to opening a spa that can easily get through those first few crucial months and ultimately succeed at building an excellent spa business with a great reputation.



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