14 April 2020

Steam showers are gaining popularity the world over, in homes as much as spas. Easy to use and maintain, they offer a wealth of health benefits without the space and costs of a larger steam room or sauna.

How do they work?

Unlike regular showers, luxury steam showers are enclosed units that is sealed to prevent moisture and humidity from escaping. Stepping inside, all it takes is a button push and the space soon fills with warming steam. More high-end units will include digital controls, piped-in sound and music, aromatherapy options and most also have a conventional shower head for a quick rinse after the steam shower is complete. They also often include a seat and jet showers for an incorporated massage shower experience.

Are there advantages over steam saunas?

Unlike larger steam rooms, steam showers can be used almost instantly, reducing waiting times. Steam showers are also much more environmentally friendly, thanks to less running costs and water use. For a 20-minute steam experience, the shower will use at most 2 gallons of water, presenting a green and alternative option for the environmentally-conscious homeowner or spa designers.

What are the health benefits?

Steam is well known to clear congestion, relax the body and detoxify the mind. The warming steam helps to open up capillaries which allow for better blood flow. This helps remove metabolic waste that builds up in the muscles after exercise or a long day at work. Improved circulation also helps reduce blood pressure and other temporary ailments such as stress, tight pores and dry skin.

More and more, spa owners and homeowners alike are opting for steam showers in their spa bathrooms and spa suites. With high-end touches, the steam shower allows for an exclusive and personal thermal experience shower while saving on energy, water and maintenance costs. However, choosing the right steam shower, set-up and positioning can be a more difficult task.

GOCO Hospitality can help answer all your steam shower and spa design questions, such as “How much does a steam shower cost?”, “What seating should be used?” and “What materials are best for constructing a steam shower?” through our dedicated design and technical services.



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