12 September 2016

Wellness is an intrinsic value of GOCO Hospitality, and we would like to share tips on how to boost productivity and grow your business by bringing wellness to your office.

1. Healthy Lunches

At GOCO Hospitality’s corporate office, we have an in-house wellness chef who prepares healthy meals for the entire team. But what if your company cannot afford such a service or does not have a cafeteria? Bring healthy options into your coffee breaks and celebrations. Replace the traditional birthday cake by a healthier version. Implement Healthy Potluck Lunch Day and make sure you set the example by bringing exciting and tasty dishes.

2. Get Moving

Replace your office chair by an active chair or an adjustable standing desk. Implement casual dress codes that will make it easier for employees to take a walk during lunchtime or bike to work. Try active meetings, not only do they make you move, they are fun and enhance creativity.

3. Aromatherapy

Bring the scents of spa into the office. Using a combination of essential oils and aromatic plants helps to improve a person’s health, focus and energy levels. Use lemon for concentration, lavender to relieve tension or stress, or peppermint as an energy booster.

4. Smart Design

Are you renovating or moving your office? When selecting your new workplace environment, pay attention to design elements that can positively impact your wellbeing and support productivity, such as access to nature and daylight, choice of colors and materials, noise control and workspaces promoting visibility and openness.

5. Challenges

Bringing wellness into the office will be irrelevant if your team is not engaged and does not participate. Creating healthy competition amongst your employees will help increase engagement. For example, an interdepartmental weight loss challenge, a walking competition or the election of wellness champions.



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