Meet Professor & Doctor Marc Cohen, Wellness Consultant & Biohacker. Dr. Cohen is a Medical Doctor, University Professor, Author, Poet, Entrepreneur, Wellness Trailblazer, and perpetual student of life, trying to co-create a wellness culture that infects the world with good health. With a Medical Degree along with PhDs in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering, Dr. Cohen has spent more than 30 years practicing and researching holistic health.

During Dr. Marc Cohen’s recent visit to our Glen Ivy Hot Springs in California, he shared with us a series of four insights on various wellness topics. His first topic is forced mindfulness, where he says forced mindfulness is “when you put your body under stress, which makes your mind focus on what’s happening. Then, you can relax by releasing your body from that stress”. He further explains through techniques like breathing exercises, stretching, or simply being aware of the situation, one can alleviate this stress and induce relaxation. The ability to remain calm and composed during controlled stressors can cultivate resilience, helping individuals navigate the uncertainties of daily life with ease.

Dr. Cohen Forced Mindfulness

1. Forced Mindfulness
(See the video here)

Dr. Cohen 10 Hacks to Relax

2. 10 Hacks to Relax
(see the video here)

Dr. Marc Cohen Wellness Series June 24 

3. How to Use a Sauna
(see the video here)

4. How to Use a Cold Plunge
(see the video here)


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To learn more about Dr. Marc Cohen and read about his published researches and papers and proposed wellness solutions, please visit his website




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