Traditionally, spring has always been the season for detoxification, which is practiced by many as a way to gently wake up the body from its winter state. Spring also symbolises renewal and rebirth, and according to Traditional Chinese Medicine is the best time to detoxify the body, especially the liver. To learn more about detoxification and how you can successfully implement detoxifying treatments at your spa, keep reading.

What is a detox?

At the outset, it is important to note that detoxification is a normal, on-going process for our body, constantly removing toxic substances from its system and keeping it as clean as possible. The main organs involved here are the liver, kidneys, lungs and our largest organ, the skin. Yet, despite the body’s ability to ward off a great amount of harmful external elements, today’s world has become more toxic than ever, with environmental pollutants, preservatives, pesticides and cancer-causing chemicals attacking our health. It is therefore recommendable to support our bodies’ normal detox processes from time to time, which can be done by a variety of means including food and diet, exercise and meditation, clean water, sauna visits and massages.

What are the benefits of a detox?

If practiced sensibly, detoxing can have major benefits for our overall health and functioning of the system. By providing it with optimal nutrition, relaxation, exercise and sleep, we experience a great boost in energy as our bodies do not have to waste as much of the available energy as usual to work hard to keep us healthy and fight against potentially damaging substances. Furthermore, a proper detox can strengthen the immune system by helping our bodies absorb nutrients better, in particular essential micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Other benefits include a better and easier digestion, as well as reduced inflammation in different parts of the body. Also, many people experience better skin after having done a detox, which is due to toxic built-up on the skin’s surface being removed, leading to dryness, wrinkles, and eventually pre-mature aging.

Which spa treatments support detoxification?

Generally, all massages are an effective means of ridding the body of harmful substances; yet particularly deep tissue massages are recommendable when doing a detox as they significantly help increase the blood flow through the body, allowing for easier elimination of waste. They also lower blood pressure by easing stress levels and tension and therefore support a mental detox as well. It is important to drink lots of water and shower after this massage, as the released toxins from the body’s muscles and tissues need to be flushed out.

Another way to support the detoxification process in a spa is by taking a steam bath, which helps extract impurities from the body by heating it up and sweating out unwanted properties. Unlike a sauna, a steam bath uses wet heat and essential oils to clear the pores.

Salt baths and scrubs can also be highly effective detox treatments, as they not only help release toxins from the body, but also replenish it with minerals that were lost during the detox process. Salt furthermore has a positive impact on the lymphatic system, which is the body’s network of tissues that is part of its ongoing detox process.

Spas also often offer treatments based on marine ingredients, such as fango packages and seaweed scrubs and wraps. The mineralised mud and algae help draw out skin impurities and toxins and also improve circulation, which in turn stimulates the body’s lymphatic system to eliminate waste.

Tips on how to successfully integrate detox in your spa offering:

Spas have a variety of options to include detox treatments in their offerings.

Apart from some of the above-mentioned treatments, full detox packages can become part of the standard menu, offering guests a year-round possibility to detox the body and focus on a specific goal such as better sleep or reduction of toxic waste from unhealthy food choices.

Spas can also offer a special detox week in springtime, during which guests are encouraged to try out a variety of products and services aimed at detoxifying the system. Also, an introductory package for a period of seven days can be created, involving nutritional guidance, cleansing cuisine, daily wellness activities and treatments. The overall aim should be to make the guest aware of the benefits of detox in a simple way, providing them with the tools to adopt healthy lifestyle habits.

Alternatively, spas may decide to provide healthy food and beverages for guests, which assist in cleansing and nourishing the body in a gentle way. One example easy to implement could be to offer turmeric tea after a treatment, as the phytochemical plant ingredients help stimulate the production of bile by the gallbladder, and also supports the liver in its everyday detox processes.

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