22 April 2020

As the discussion on environmentally friendly hotels and sustainable facilities leads the narrative on the future of hospitality, spas can often find themselves trailing behind the ‘green movement’ in both design and service.

Budgets, leases and other obstacles can often put spas at a disadvantage, delaying or preventing certain LEED-certification upgrades or access to fully sustainable product lines. However, as solutions to global warming become more accessible, creative and lower-priced options are becoming available, making it easier for all spa owners to access the tools they need to stay sustainable.

Spa owners must be sure to follow these trends too, as travellers and guests are more and more likely to invest their money into places that care for the environment as much as they do. Sustainability is no longer a trend, it’s a long-term goal and a necessary investment.

Where we can, GOCO Hospitality advises our clients where they can make the most business-savvy decisions about sustainability and our design team is talented in green design principles.

As one of the main energy consumers in the spa, the heat & water facilities are often the first to see action taken. Spas can reduce their water usage in both simple and creative ways – from switching out more water-efficient showerheads and installing eco spa hot tubs to the removal of certain wet rooms and switching to scrubs and body treatments that can be washed off on the table.

When it comes to products, sustainable and vegan certified products are getting the most attention from consumers. By switching to a greener product line, spas can both reduce their environmental impact while simultaneously attracting more guests. A new era of plant-based spa treatments is already upon the industry.

GOCO Hospitality’s partner Comfort Zone, for example, create spa products that are suitable for vegans, using only natural-origin ingredients and avoiding all animal derivatives, silicones, mineral oils, parabens, artificial colours and any other ingredient which might be aggressive for the skin or the planet.

For design, LEED-certification benefits include lower operating costs, reduced construction waste as well as reductions in energy and water usage and promotes more durable building practices overall. Building sustainably also helps support the local economy by sourcing materials regionally rather than globally and also improving resale value.

GOCO Hospitality can help guide and design spas that are environmentally friendly and revolutionarily in their concept and offering.



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