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GOCO Hospitality is proud to announce that our GOCO Spas have once again received international recognition by two of the most prestigious awards in the spa and wellness industry, the World Spa Awards and Haute Grandeur Global Spa Awards.

World Spa Awards

BANGKOK – 22 October 2020 – The World Spa Awards is an annual event which celebrates and rewards excellence in the spa and wellness industry. This year the gala ceremony was held at the Armani Hotel Dubai, situated at Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest skyscraper located in downtown Dubai, UAE, on Monday 21st October 2019.

GOCO Spa Ajman, at the Ajman Saray, A Luxury Collection Resort was awarded Ajman’s Best Hotel Spa 2019, elevating the GOCO Spa brand to a position of excellence. GOCO Spa Ajman previously won this award in 2017.

Haute Grandeur Global Spa Awards

The Haute Grandeur Global Spa Awards is a globally trusted award initiative that is one of the spa industry’s highest. The gala ceremony is held to present the best spas in the world with a new standard of exceptional recognition and is regarded as a pinnacle of achievement for spas and spa owners. Held at the St. Regis Kuala Lumpur on 19th October 2019, GOCO Hospitality was honoured to have been awarded a total of four awards for all GOCO-branded spas. 

GOCO Spa Ajman, at the Ajman Saray, A Luxury Collection Resort in the UAE, was awarded Best Spa Design in the United Arab Emirates. This award highlights the incredible skills of our design and development’s team to incorporate stunning architecture and interior design into a luxury spa setting.

GOCO Spa Daios Cove, part of the Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas in Crete, Greece, has been awarded Best Destination Spa in Greece and Best Luxury Spa in Greece. These two awards are an incredible win for our spa, further cementing our place the European spa and wellness industry. 

In addition to the three awards listed above, both the spa manager at GOCO Spa Daios Cove and GOCO Spa Ajman were honoured to be awarded for their talent and dedication. 

Spa Manager at GOCO Spa Ajman, Rishi Bharadwaj, was awarded Best Spa Manager in the Middle East. 

Spa Manager at GOCO Spa Daios Cove, Eleni Papadopoulou, was awarded Best Spa Manager in Europe.

Both of our spa managers are very proud to accept such an outstanding award that recognises their incredible talent and dedication and elevates the quality guests expect from the GOCO Spa brand and customer service.

“It is a great honour for our GOCO Spas to have been nominated for, and won awards at two of the world’s most prestigious spa and wellness award ceremonies. These accolades are highly recognised in the industry and being presented with these awards for our spas is a true demonstration of the exceptional service and interior design guests come to expect when visiting a GOCO-branded spa. In addition, the recognition of our spa managers, Rishi Bharadwaj and Eleni Papadopoulou, is a credit to the company and an incredible personal achievement for both of them of which I am very proud,” said Ingo Schweder, Founder & CEO of GOCO Hospitality.



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