Co-authors, Laszlo Puczko, CEO and Co-Founder of HTWWLife, and the Founder of the Wellness of Men | Wellness for Men Initiative & Dr Melanie Smith, Co-Founder of HTWWLife announced the launch of the First Global Wellness of Men | Wellness for Men Intelligence Report (Part 1). GOCO’s Founder and CEO, Ingo Schweder joined 25 experts and professionals from 20 countries, representing the crème-de-la-crème of healthcare, wellness, spa, leisure, and hospitality industries in The Wellness of Men | Wellness for Men Initiative.

This pioneering project introduces insights from men about their wellness-related habits, expectations, and predictions. The information and data collected provide critical insights about the current state as well as the characteristics of men’s wellness. As one of HTWWLife’s Innovations the Wellness of Men / Wellness for Men Initiative recognizes the need for paying more attention to what men may want or need from wellness. The intelligence maps men’s wellness improving habits and activities as well as the key sources of stress. The results reveal how men deal with challenges that influence their wellness in everyday life and during their travels.

According to HTWWLife’s CEO Laszlo Puczko, “It appears that the wellness and the related industries might have forgotten men. Most products, service providers, destinations target and communicate to women. Apart from grooming and smart fitness solutions men do not feature often in the world of wellness. Recent market intelligence, however, supports otherwise. According to the Wellness, Spas, Health and Travel 2030 survey, solo men have made it to top three in terms of key target segments for wellness in the Middle East and in Asia. ISPA also suggests that men are more likely than women to choose body services (30% compared to 24% of women). Recent 2022 reports have shown that 49% of spa-goers in the US are men, with these figures up from the 29% of men using spas in 2005. We are observing a paradigm shift in wellness: get ready, men are coming! This intelligence provides the essential insights to this paradigm shift and inspire the industry.”

 The Wellness of Men / Wellness for Men study Part 1 is available here.

An Exploratory Intelligence Part 1

The project is curated by HTWWLife the pioneering powerhouse that provides intelligence on how wellbeing merges with leisure, travel, hospitality, recreation, healthcare and spa. HTWWLife has been inspiring and disrupting these sectors with its innovations, market intelligence and publications. HTWWLife team has worked together with public and private sector stakeholders in 40+ countries. We have supported strategic, conceptual as well as operational developments in hospitality, destination management, healthcare, wellness, spa, and leisure projects worldwide. More information about the HTWWLife and HTWWLife Innovations here.

(From the Press release: First Global Wellness of Men /Wellness for Men Intelligence)



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