Healing water

Water is life’s most precious gift – it sustains us, it heals us and it is all around us, whether it is the water we drink or the water we bathe in. Bathing in the healing properties of water was already recognised in the world’s first spas, established in ancient Greece and Rome. To this day, it is believed that water can cure many health conditions, from skin problems to chronic illnesses. A variety of water therapies exist in modern spas, and we would like to introduce to you some of the most popular ones below.


Hydrotherapy, which describes healing through water, is the most commonly known and applied of all water therapies. The most common form of hydrotherapy takes place in vitality pools, found in a large number of spas worldwide and featuring air and water jets that gently massage the body and make “taking the waters” an experience in itself. Guests can also engage in swimming against the current, and allow the water jets to massage strategic spots on the body. There are no limitations to the design fixtures, which may include air benches, air tubs and swan necks.

Other equipment used for hydrotherapy includes steam baths, ice fountains, plunge pools and experiential showers. Steam baths are rooms with a very high humidity of up to 100% and temperatures around 40C to draw out toxins, clear the skin and promote blood flow. They have a very long history and to this day use similar systems to what the Romans used. Steam baths are a key feature in many spas and complement the traditional offer which many customers are appreciate.

Another feature is the ice fountain, which guests can use after their journey through the spa’s heat facilities in order to cool down and refresh their heated skin. Also a standard facility in many operating spas is the cold plunge pool. A perfect way to cool off between thermal water treatments, this pool is only heated to 10-15C, which many guests find very refreshing and stimulating as it restricts the blood vessels and improves circulation. A water feature, which only partly plays with temperature, is the experiential shower. Offering a wide range between hot and cold, it also uses several shower options, light and relaxing sounds in order to enhance your guests’ moods. Find out more about what hydrotherapy features we offer at our GOCO Spa Venice.


Offered for hundreds of years at naturally occurring hot springs, balneotherapy is the ultimate natural ancient water spa treatment. Due to its high temperature in combination with the high concentration in elements like calcium and iodine, taking a bath in mineral-rich springs has been proven to treat several medical conditions, including inflammation of the respiratory system, arthritis, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and even depression. Read more about balneotherapy offered at our property in Southern California, Glen Ivy Hot Springs.


Thalassotherapy treatments are often found at coastal destinations as they include the healing properties of seawater, seaweed or algae. Special wraps, scrubs and massages tone the body by fighting cellulite and also relax the nervous system with powerful elements such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Water pressure and temperatures ranging from hot to cold effectively stimulate the blood circulation and production of white blood cells, which in turn can empower the immune system and make the body less prone to common colds. While water has been known for its healing properties for a long time, the academic world is only beginning to understand the science behind what various cultures have claimed for centuries. One of the most recent fieldworks has been done by GOCO Hospitality Advisory Board member Prof Marc Cohen and his team at RMIT University Australia, indicating that hot springs can not only alleviate the symptoms of chronic pain but also support the cure of some of the most prominent diseases of our time, cardiovascular diseases as well as mental illnesses like anxiety and depression. Read more about the research here.

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