5 July 2018

Written by Paul Dallaghan, founder of Centered Yoga and Samahita Retreat

A careful study of the practices of yoga, revealed most clearly in the Yoga Sutras, explains that yoga can only be considered yoga when the effort and focus is within, on the inner space, the internal. This is also termed the practice of meditation. It is not merely about noticing inner feelings but rather a particular connection with inner processes whereby you are actually moved or touched, not by sensual input alone, or in some cases not even at all. 

Breath practices (pranayama) have been recommended as a key technique to touch the inner space. Additionally, completely honest and open self-reflection, self-awareness, and the willingness to catch your behavior and change it, is essential to what yoga is. The breath, with postures and cleanses, can cultivate such a process but equally you must be willing to engage, to look in, and to make any necessary change, which usually culminates in letting go, undoing, less rather than more. It is not more practice that is needed but well understood and insightful practice. At first all you will see are the elements of each practice. It takes time, plus dedication, willingness, and love, for them all to come together. In time the elements of each technique, from posture, breath, and mindful practices, synergistically merge to give a meditative ‘soupy-mix’. How delicious. Meditation is yoga, practices done with awareness.



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