Our graphic designer, Itchaya Goaysomboon, and GOCO Hospitality’s marketing team won 3rd place at the Global Spa and Wellness Summit Infographic Competition.

The Global Spa and Wellness Summit hosted its first-ever Infographic challenge inviting participants to contribute their visions of spa and wellness targeting to any stakeholder groups through the unique format of the infographic. With 125 entries and $5000 in total cash prize, a group of honourable judges awarded “The Rise of Health & Wellness” entry, a tied 3rd place.

Our graphic designer, Itchaya, with the support of her colleagues in the GOCO Hospitality’s marketing team, created this infographic to inspire people to make wellness a part of their daily life and to continue on their personal journey towards prevention.

Consistent with the “A Defining Moment” theme of the summit, the infographic calls for a change, bringing into attention, the rise of unhealthy habits due to bad lifestyle choices and how the wellness industry is developed to help people get back on track:
• Towards a wellness way of life
• Towards their own wellness journey
• Towards a healthier life

“The Rise of Health & Wellness” infographic is easily relatable, engaging and informative to consumers, professionals and to investors. It shows the benefits for consumers, growth in revenue generated for professionals and added value of wellness-related investments for investors.

“We are so proud of Itchaya for getting 3rd place in this competition. Over my morning tea, I viewed the finalists’ creative entries and it was pure joy to see the creative ways that people captured the wellness spirit. It was a fresh reminder that we are taking a step together towards a wellness movement and that anyone from anywhere can join in. I commend the Global Spa and Wellness Summit for hosting this educational and fun competition” – Ingo Schweder, CEO and founder of GOCO Hospitality.



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